History of art direction

Up until 1939 the title ‘Art Director” was used instead of the present term ‘Production designer. At that time the person in charge of art department was named as Set Decorators. In 1939 David Selznick gave special recognition to William Cameron Menzies for his comprehensive work in the film GONE WITH THE WIND and he became the first production designer in Film History.From then onwards the head of art department got the title ‘ ART DIRECTOR’ and the first person who got the this title is ‘ LYLE WHEELER’ in the film GONE WITH THE WIND.



The First film show took place at Grand Café, Paris on 28 December 1895 by Lumier Brothers.

The first talking Movie in the world – Jazz Singer ( 1927)

The first film made in India – Raja Harichandra ( 1913) by Dandiraj Govind Phalke

The first talking movie in India- Alam Ara ( 1931 March 14 ) by Adershir Irani

First Cinemascope movie in India – Kagaz ke Phool  ( ) by Guru Dutt

First color film in India

First Cinemascope movie in Color

First 70 mm movie in India – Around the World ( ) by

The first film made in Kerala – Vigathakumaran ( 1928 ) by J. C. Daniel

The second movie made in Kerala -  Marthandavarma  ( 1931 ) by V D Rao

The first talking movie in Malayalam – Balan  ( 1938 )  By S Notani

The first color film In Malayalam   - Kandambecha Kottu  ( 1961 )

First Cinemascope film in Malayalam – Thacholi Ambu ( ) By Appachan

First 70 mm movie in Malayalam – Padayottam ( ) By Jijo

First 3D Film Malayalam – My Dear Kuttichathan ( 1984 ) By Jijo